Coffee Kindling Fire Starters made with recycled coffee grounds and soy wax are a great way to get your fire started and keep it going. For best results, arrange wood or charcoal bricks around a Coffee Kindling Fire Starter cup with room for ventilation. Light the wick and enjoy!

Our Coffee Kindling Fire Starters should be used to ignite firewood and charcoal and are for use only in indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, campfires and charcoal grills. Do not use as a candle, burn freestanding or in a candle holder.

Warning: If you are using this product, you are most likely addicted to coffee!

How to light a fire starter

Coffee Wick Soy Candles are made with 100% soy wax and mixed with coffee grounds to make a really cool looking candle. Our first scent called "Subtle Brew" smells just like a freshly brewed pot of coffee and does not have an over powering smell. We are working on new scented candles, so be on the lookout. 

Mason jar soy candle

Coffee Kindling Fire Starters and Soy Candles are clean burning and environmentally friendly.