At home we love to find more ways to incorporate natural products into our everyday lives. I have long known the benefits of using recycled coffee grounds in my garden, after all, I grow pumpkins over 1,500 pounds. I also love taking something traditional and adding my own twist. I grow giant tomatoes and sunflowers too. I combined recycled coffee grounds and 100% all natural soy wax to create Coffee Wick Soy Candles and Coffee Kindling Fire Starters. 

Soy wax is an all natural alternative to paraffin wax and burns clean without the black smoke or soot of traditional candles. Soy wax burns longer than paraffin wax creating a more even burn and makes starting a fire in your fireplace or fire pit faster and easier.

We gather coffee grounds from local coffee shops, coffee chains and even friends and family!

Check out some of the pics of our "production" as my kids like to call it, as well as one of my giant pumpkins!!!  

 Production line - Soy Candles

All natural soy candles

 Anyone need a fire starter?

Coffee Kindling Fire Starters

 How much does that pumpkin weigh?

Giant pumpkin

Thank you for reading about us!