Fun Family Activities To Do While Camping

Ray Leonzi

Camping outdoors with kids is one of the best things to do during the summer. After you set up camp, the next thing you will likely hear from your family is what do we do now? In this day and age, many family members are often too reliant on technology and not used to being in the wilderness. Getting away from civilization and focusing on fun camping activities will ensure a memorable experience.


Camping Storytime

There is something magical about the time-honored tradition of telling stories around the campfire. It is a fun activity where everyone can participate and encourages creativity, bonding and laughter. Getting your fire started is easy using Coffee Wick Fire Starters with some kindling and firewood. After your fire pit is going strong, gather your group together and take turns telling stories. The story can be scary, funny, an actual experience or completely made up. After everyone has told their stories, the group should vote on which one they liked the most. 


Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors while camping


Usually one of the first camping activities, hiking provides a great way to get some fresh air, see wildlife and experience the peace and tranquility of scenic backdrops. Review park maps to find the right trail so everyone in your family can enjoy the experience.

  Playing cornhole is a great fun family game to play while camping 

Cornhole / Beanbag Toss Game

Bean bag toss is an easy and enjoyable game for the whole family. Players stand next to their opponents target and take turns tossing bags at an elevated platform with a hole in the middle. A bean bag that stays on the board gets one point and a bag in the hole is worth three points. The team or player that reaches twenty-one points first wins the game.

  Going fishing is a must while camping with the family 


Even if you don’t go very often, fishing near your campsite is a fun activity that allows you to unwind and spend time with the kids. If the fishing is slow you can take a nap on shore and when the fish are biting you might even catch your dinner!

  Canoing is a great activity to do with the family on your next camping trip  

Canoeing and Kayaking

The majority of popular campsites are found near rivers or lakes. You can get a kayak or canoe rental to enjoy the gleaming water and get a little exercise.


Searching for wildlife during your next camping trip is a must do activity 

Watching Wildlife and Sight Seeing

You’re already out in nature so why not stop and appreciate the scenery? Take some time during your camping trip to explore and see animals such as birds, deer and elk in their natural environment. Speak with park rangers to find ideal places for sightseeing and keep in mind that the best time to see wildlife is around sunset.


 Playing capture the flag on your next camping trip can be so much fun 

Capture the Flag

A classic game that is always fun while camping. All you need is some land, two groups of people and two flags. The goal is to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back on your side without being tagged or captured. The first team to safely bring back the other team’s flag wins.


When you’re ready to relax from all of the day’s camping activities and games, grab a beverage and make some s’mores in the campfire. Don’t forget to bring your Coffee Wick Fire Starters to keep the camping fun going!

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